Can a jump starter start a dead battery?

Extreme temperatures or parasitic draw (leakage of charge even with the car off), there isn’t a shortage of vulnerabilities for car batteries to go dead. The frequency of such problems has increased. The generic solution to this is to get the battery jump-started with the help of another car. But, what if you do not have access to another car or car battery at the moment? Can a jump starter start a dead battery?

Can a jump starter start a dead battery?

Why did this question even arise? Because there are some bottlenecks in the conventional solution of calling up other cars. Everybody will not be generous enough to stop by and help someone out in the middle of the road. Secondly, the battery of the car interested to help should be of similar power rating. Expecting everything to fall into place during an emergency is unpractical. 

Therefore, it is important to know how to jump start a dead battery with a portable power box. Carrying a jump-starter along with a repair kit can save the day. Some precautions need to be followed, and the car battery can be made functional within minutes. 

Can a jump starter start a dead battery

Yes, Absolutely! The process of jump-starting a dead car battery with a power bank is not as difficult as it is assumed. I have provided a detailed guide in this article to explain the whole method, in a very comprehensible manner.

In the instance of a dead car battery, the key to a swift breakthrough from it is to have access to a reliable power bank. Not many are better than the ones from Noco. Noco’s Boost series of jump-starters/ power banks is one of the best in the industry. 

NOCO Boost XL GB50 1500 amps 12-Volt

The Noco Boost GB50 is the best car jump starter for medium-sized cars. Its capacity of 1500 amps is enough to jump-start a car with up to a 4.5L diesel engine or a 7L gas engine. The power pack has a 200 Lumens LED light that can be very handy during emergency situations. Perfectly compatible with 12-volt car batteries. 

Such a power rating covers a versatile range of vehicles, starting from motorbikes to standard sedans. Its high compatibility makes it a perfect choice for car owners. The power bank’s high reliability has successfully answered the question of can a jump starter start a dead battery. 

Noco jump starter GB50 can support up to 30 jump-starts in one full charge. And the best part is, it can serve some more important purposes. The jump-starter can act as a power bank for USB devices like smartphones. So, having one of these can also keep the phone running during a long drive or while stuck in traffic, and your battery is dying.   

Every Noco jump starter comes with the company’s own safety measures termed UltraSafe. All of its products including the Noco jump starter GB50 have been designed to not lead to any anomaly. The products are optimized to not create sparks using reverse polarisation technology. 

The GB50 model can be fully charged in 5 hours using the USB charging cable provided with it at 2.1 amps. It comes with all the necessary accessories including a storage bag and casing, along with 12V charging cable for the car. 

Getting hands on one of these wills set the owner for a sizeable amount of time. It will come in handy during the harshest weather, or when the car’s battery goes dead in the middle of the road. 

Noco jump starter GB150

If someone happens to own a vehicle with a bigger and more powerful engine, Noco has their back as well. Consider the Noco jump starter GB150. It can jump-start the big SUVs with ease, let alone the vehicles smaller than them.

This product is a top-of-the-line model and the biggest Noco jump starter in the Boost series. It is a 12-volt 3000 amps (double that of the GB50) that can jump-start cars with engines of up to 9 liters of gasoline and 7 liters of diesel carrying capacity. 

Only 6 hours of charging at 2.1 amps will prepare it for 40 jump-starts without any recharging. The unique factor is, that it can be fast-charged by the owner’s vehicle itself. Its capacity allows it to jump-start almost any type of car. 

Other than these, all the other specifications are aligned with the other models of Noco, like being able to charge USB devices, coming with accessories such as cables for various purposes, etc. The GB150 model can assist in charging devices like inverters as well. All in all, the Noco jump starter GB150 is an absolute beast. 

How to jump start a dead battery with a jump-starter?

Assuming that the Noco jump starter has been accessed, the remaining process is just a matter of a few minutes. But, there are some precautions that must be taken.

The dead battery should be checked before jump-starting. A check must be done to see if it is damaged or not. Check for any cracks in the body. If the battery is fine physically, then the process can be undertaken. 

Before attempting to jump start a car, the user manual of the car with the dead battery must be read. Could have some advice or crucial information for such instances. 

Steps to take before undertaking the jump start:

  • Everything in the car should be turned off including the lights. 
  • Any smartphone charger must be unplugged.
  • The radio or air conditioner must be turned off. 
  • If there is enough time, then any dirt or deposit on the battery terminals should be cleaned before the procedure. 
  • The driver must put the car in neutral or parking mode to ensure safety. 

After sorting these things out, the Noco jump starter can come into play. 

Attach the red clip to the positive terminal of the dead battery. The black clip should then be clipped to the negative terminal. 

Turn on the power button on the Noco jump starter, and immediately give the car a start. If the car starts, great! If it does not, click on the boost button on the power bank and start the car again. The car should get started this time. 

Once the car finally starts, turn off the jump-starter and disconnected immediately. Leave the car battery to charge for a few minutes while stationary. And if possible, a 10-minute spin can also be taken, to allow the battery to charge.


Can a jump starter start a dead battery should not be the question anymore. The dead battery can be restarted in minutes with the help of jump-starters. Brands like Noco have added a whole new dimension to the situation. 

Having a Noco jump starter compatible with your vehicle will keep you ready for emergency situations, whenever they may arrive. Using them is easier than you think. As explained in the article, a jump starter can bail you out from the most tense moments in the traffic or hurry. Investing in one such power bank is definitely worth it.

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