How to put air in car tires with air compressor?

Getting the car tires pumped up by yourself is not as difficult as most people think. Having access to the right things can get it done in minutes. In this article, I will explain how to put air in car tires with air compressor, to help you understand how easy it is.

Air compressors that were available in previous times were comparatively bigger in size and followed an analog mechanism. Digital and portable tire inflators have arrived to help you control and maintain the air pressure of your tires all alone. 

Things to do before learning how to put air in car tires with an air compressor

Before getting into the main task, there are some measures that need to be taken. They are as follows: 

I recommend the AstroAI Cordless Tire Inflator Air Compressor for the whole task. Starting from measuring the air pressure, to inflating and deflating the tire. 

A compact machine, and is the only thing you need in your tire maintenance arsenal. It will make your work cut out and life much easier. It is stacked with features that will help you fix your tire pressure in just a few minutes.

Most importantly, you can learn how to put air in car tires with air compressor in the easiest way using this device. It will make the whole process the least complicated, and thereby easier to undertake. 

You will surely be tempted to get your hands on one after looking at its wide range of applications and ease of use.  

  • Prepare the tire. 

You must close the valve stem with a stem cap using a screw. Do not open it before you are ready with your tire inflator or air compressor. Otherwise, some air could escape. 

Having a good mechanic tool kit will take care of all such things like minor repairs and attachments. 

How to put air in car tires with air compressor?

Lets’ get into the main part. But first, let me explain everything about the AstroAI Cordless Air Compressor. This will help you realize why should you buy it.

The AstroAI portable tire inflator is a digital machine that can do multiple things regarding the air pressure in the tires. It has a digital interface for the user’s convenience. 

It can be used to measure the existing level of air pressure thanks to its digital pressure gauge. Its capacity for work is up to 160 PSI. One full charge will allow it to fill sufficient air in all four tires of the car.       

In terms of powering it, there is a 20V 2000mAH rechargeable battery pack to keep it running. One full charge will set it up for almost 20 minutes, enough to inflate or deflate all four tires to the correct level. 

Takes just one hour to be completely charged. But, as mentioned earlier, alternate power outlets (the car’s 12V DC outlet) can be used to power the portable tire inflator, especially during emergencies. 

How to put air in car tires with air compressor using the AstroAI Cordless Air Compressor?

The process is simpler than you think. There is a preset option in the AstroAI Air Compressor. The LCD display shows both, the required level of air pressure, as well as the current one. Therefore, it is easy to feed the right preset value. 

Once you feed the right value, turn the machine on. Guess what, it will automatically turn off once it reaches the pre-informed level of air pressure. No risk of overinflation or excess deflation. 


Learning how to put air in car tires with air compressor can be a valuable lesson. It will come in handy in the most urgent situations. And being able to do it on your own will definitely increase the flexibility of your car and tire maintenance, and be cost-effective as well. 

The cost of a regular visit to the repair workshop for this task may look marginal in the beginning. But they add up to a huge amount in the end. Spending too much on something that easy is not worth it.

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