How to use aux cable in car?

Long drives or long hours in the traffic, listening to your favorite music in the car can send chills through your spine. That feeling is just so great. But, to play your favorite playlist in your car’s sound system, you need to know how to use aux cable in car.

How to use aux cable in car?

Whatever you use, either an iPhone or any android smartphone, easily connect your device to your car and play the music by selecting them on the phone. Learning how to use aux cord is a matter of minutes. I will be giving you all the instructions to follow to get your hang of this. 

To undertake the steps, you will be needing a good aux cable for phone to stereo. I will be giving you the best options in this article, which will serve you a great deal after you purchase them. So, let’s get into the proceedings. 

How to use aux cable in car with an android phone?

In terms of an aux cable for phone to stereo connections, can be your go-to brand. They have quite a few options for you to choose from. All their aux cords and products, in general, are of top-notch quality and ideal for intense use. 

StarTech offers aux cords of different length brackets, all at affordable rates. The StarTech 3ft 3.5mm Male to Male Aux Cord is the most flexible option. Its 3ft length will never fall short in any car. 

To connect your android smartphone to your car, all you have to do is insert one jack in your phone’s port, and the other end to the car’s line-in or auxiliary port. Yes, it is this easy, given that your car does have an auxiliary port. 

How to use aux cable in car that is very old? 

If you happen to own those good old cars with cassette players (they are still very good), there is nothing to worry about at all. A cassette aux adapter is the only thing you need in this case. They are dead cheap and can add an aesthetic touch to your old car as it will be able to play music from your smartphone.

The RCA Cassette Aux Adapter is the most reliable product for this requirement. Many people are using this in their cars already. Comes with a very long cable. Push the headphone jack of the adapter in your phone, and start playing the songs. 

How to use aux cable in car for iPhone?

An iPhone does not require much of a different approach to connect to the car. Given that you are using an iPhone that does have a headphone jack (lol), then the process is completely the same as the one with android phones. 

iPhone users who do not have the privilege of a headphone port, need to buy a dongle to get the job done. Belkin F8J212btWHT is one you can completely have your faith in. Connect one end of the aux cord in the car’s aux port, the other end in the dongle. Finally, insert the dongle’s jack into your iPhone. 

Note: The dongle from Belkin will work fine with a good cassette adapter as well. 

There are more methods discussed in this article. You can check it out for a detailed explanation of all the ways you can connect your phone to your car. 

About StarTech Aux Cables

StarTech provides the best aux cable for iPhone as well as android devices. Earlier in this article, I suggested you to buy the 3ft cable from this company. Well, guess what, they have one that measures up to 6ft. 

The StarTech 6ft Aux Cable could potentially go as far as the backseats of your car. That means you can sit on the passenger seats, relax, and control the music from your phone even from that far. It could make the cable disorganized, but it is up to you. 

Assuming you want to keep the wiring clean, the need for a small aux cord will arise. In fact, it is a great idea. A small aux cable can be fixed within the stereo port of the car. The smartphone can be kept somewhere within the dashboard. Definitely not a bad idea for people who hate clumsiness. To address that, StarTech 1ft Aux Cable is the ideal fit.  


You should now be having a clear idea of how to use aux cable in car. It is this easy to enjoy some good music while commuting or traveling. Just a few aux cables and accessories can change your whole driving experience. Let me know which one you prefer.

Now, you obviously won’t let go of your favorite vintage car just because you can’t connect your phone with it. Getting your hands on those products will definitely not disappoint you. They will instead be a true value for money.

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