Where should dash cam be placed?

Roles of dash cams have increased. But most cars do not come with one, and the ones that do, cannot provide good quality footage. Good dash cams can be attached to address this problem. This article will discuss where should dash cam be placed.  

Do not undermine the importance of its positioning, because there are many factors involved. Starting from local regulations, positional restrictions, and viewing angles, many things need to be considered. Let me explain which position could be the best for you satisfying all the conditions.

Where should dash cam be placed?

The most common position to set up a dash cam is the windshield, behind the rearview mirror. Mounting it there ensures that the camera is the closest to the center, and is able to get the best views for the best shots. 

Now, there is a catch. Many local governments from different regions do not allow dash cams to be fitted on the windshield. They do it to make sure that nothing obstructs the view of the driver. 

So, if you do happen to put your dash cam not on the windshield but somewhere else, then there are quite a few options for you.

Where should dash cam be placed except for the windshield?

After deciding which point will be the ideal place for your camera, you can go on and learn how to set up a dash cam as well. 

One position you can go for is the area of the dashboard in front of the driver. That is a great place to fit the dash cam for two reasons. One is that it will be having a driver’s view, so everything it records will be similar to what the driver saw. The second reason is simple, it is not on the windshield.  

Note: Placing the dash cam in front of the driver could be termed as interrupting the driver’s view. So, verify that before doing it. 

The most neutral position you put your dash cam is the center of the dashboard, at the closest part inside the windshield. It has all the pros of all the other positions. It gets a central view, does not lie on the windshield, and does not come in the sight of the driver.

Where should dash cam be placed in the rear?

In terms of rear dash cam placement, the region of the number plate is the best. You can also try the central position of the back of the car. 

The best dash cam

To be able to maneuver the position, your dash cam should be the best and offer that flexibility. The Kingslim D4 4K Dual Dash Cam perfectly makes the cut. 

It comes with built-in WiFi and GPS, that record the whole driving route. Downloading the GXPlayer application from their official website will allow you to play the recorded videos from the dash cam.

The front camera of the dash cam provides 4K footage at 2160p 25fps resolution. And the rear camera also shoots 4K videos at 1080p. To understand how good the product is, you can rest assured that it will give clear sights of the number plates of other cars.

The biggest selling point of the device giving you the flexibility to decide where should dash cam be placed is its wide viewing angle. Its sphere of surveillance is 170 degrees. So wherever you fit it, it will be able to capture all the necessary surroundings from any position in the car. 

The built-in WiFi allows easy integration of the device with iOS and Android smartphones, easy downloads, and playback of the recorded videos. Its night vision capabilities are excellent thanks to the Sony Starvis Sensor. 

The Kingslim D4 4K dash cam is compatible with a 256GB memory card. It has a loop function that can record videos for 24 hours consistently. In order to tap the optimum quality of the dash cam, you must use a U3-level memory card. The Samsung Evo Select is the best option in this regard. 


Enough adhesive clips, stickers, and a mini crowbar have been provided with this to give you full flexibility about where should dash cam be placed. It is very easy to use, and the best in its category.

Very few dash cams in the market can provide such good quality footage in such a small device. The Kingslim D4 4K Dash Cam is something you should definitely try out. 

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